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The Irish Government is propsing to have 200,000 Electric Vehicle on the road by 2020. Thats approximately 10% of all vehicles on Irish roads. With the aid of 15 Mitsubishi MiEV’s the ESB is planning to install 1500 recharging points nationwide over the next 18 months.

Fiat have a commerical electric vehicle the Fiat Micro-Vett Fiorino which was launched in June 2009 is currently available.

 In January Nissans first Irish Electric Vehicle the "Leaf" will go on sale here. Prices are yet to be confirmed.

The Government has introduced incentives for those drivers who opt to purchase an Electric Vehicle. Full Electric Vehicles will be VRT exempt and cash incentives of €5000 are being offered to persuade potential purchasers to switch over to an EV from the traditional combustion engines. Hybrid Electric Vehicles will get €2500 cash. The Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight are two of these hybrid cars. Discover more about where to find driving lessons at

Although most maufacturers are pushing EV’s for the medium term as an alternative to the combustion engine. Honda is still of the belief that Hydrogen fuel is the true way forward and is spending more than any other car maker developing this technology.

Hydrogen fuel technology is still in the experimental stage but Honda has developed the Honda FCX Clarity the first successful Hydrogen fuel road cars. Although the FCX Clarity is still being tested and is only currently available in California to lease. The results and feed back are very encouraging. The main advantage of the FCX Clarity is that it can be refuelled the same way as current combustion engined road vehicles. There are no long recharging delays like there is with EV’s. There range of a full ’Tank’ is also comparitive to traditional combustion engines with a range on up to 450klms on a ‘tank’ of Hydrogen. Performance is also similar.

The Hydrogen Fuel cell road vehicle with not be available for quiet some time but it certainly seems like a more realistic alternative to the Electric Vehicle. 


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